Playable Demo Inbound

I'll be putting forth a limited time demo to play during the Steam Next Fest. It'll be a relatively short teaser of the beginning of the game (and locked into one of the routes, so more will be opened up in the final game). Hopefully it'll give you a taste as to what the actual game is like since the project has changed quite a bit and is need of a marketing overhaul.

More importantly though I just want to get the game in front of people and exposed to the public before launching the game this year. Any feedback will contribute to the final release of the game and I appreciate all the interest (and patience) the game has gotten so far.

Itch notice: For those who have preordered I will send out the same demo that you'll have  access to until the full release. There's apparently an early access itch equivalent that I can take advantage of but hopefully I can get that going alongside the festival.

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