Delay in development

I get a lot of questions about when exact the game release is coming (especially when the game clearly isn't out after the planned release date), the game's development has been dragging on quite a bit. To be frank, the funding for the game has run out, and I'm only one person working on this project. The game is currently being developed in my off hours when I'm not doing freelance work. It was originally going to be a 6 month project turned into a year so far.

The possibility of doing Early Access crossed my mind but I could not bring myself to do it. To summarize the game's content: it is a short (4-5 hours) experience with a beginning and end with quite a bit of optional areas to explore in the middle. The way the game is structured relies on a finality to make the content worth it. Early Access really only works for rogue-likes and procedural games that require a lot of testing. This game is not that.

For now I'm penning for January 2020, though decided to go with just 2020 in case that doesn't come to fruition. Sorry for the confusion and dragging the release. But I'm also thankful for the interest and hope not to disappoint. Thank you!

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Better to take the time you need until you feel satisfied with it. This looks really neat and I'll be sure to play it, good luck on this final stretch.

I was poking around for an update when I just saw this, so forgive the late comment, but no problem on the wait. Looking forward to the game whenever it happens to release!