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the machine that BREATHES is a 2D Survival Horror game with a focus on situational combat and exploration. Inspired by the likes of Resident Evil and System Shock, you'll crawl through a hostile environment and manage a limited inventory to brace against the unknown.

You are digging deep underground. Your task is to scan for seismic activity and send it back to the above. Unexpectedly, your contact with the surface cuts out and you are left digging for eternity. Eventually things go dark and you're running out of power... is this where it ends? Suddenly you awaken in a strange new body, as you must have been recovered somehow. Strange thing is, the entire facility you're in is vacant, and you're definitely not on the surface.

  • Explore a strange and mechanical place deep underground.
  • Every shot counts, spend your resources wisely as everything you use is gone forever.
  • What lurks in the darkness may destroy you, sometimes the best choice is to run.
  • Multiple ways to navigate the world leading to different upgrades and capability.
  • Discover and collect artifacts that reveal more about the obscured history.

You can also wishlist on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1126210/the_machine_that_BREATHES/

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Just played the demo on Steam and LOVED it. Really hope you continue/finish this one.


Thanks! Still working at it.


Just played your demo on steam, the glitch art of the game is really cool. Looking forward to play the full game!

This looks awesome, I love the drawn graphics. Would you be willing to divulge what engine, if any, this was made in?

Thanks! It's made in Game Maker Studio 2 though now I think it's just called GameMaker.

Wow! Thanks, yeah the more I look the more game maker is looking really nice.

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I played the demo and it's awesome!  The gameplay is really well done and hits all the right cyberpunk survival horror beats.  The module system in particular is really cool.  Love the dark, trippy story and oppressive atmosphere.   I have so many questions that I can't wait to have answered in the full version.   

Personally,  I think it'd be cool to have a brightness adjuster in the options menu, because when I'm playing a game like this I like the display to be as dark as possible.  Just a thought :).

Great work so far.  Really looking forward to the final version.

Thank you very much! I'll definately consider the brightness suggestion!


Just played the demo and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the full release now!


We're patiently awaiting the game and just wanna say good job making it so far in development and not crunching urself (as far as we know) and just..doing something you love. cant wait for the demo and hope ur year is going at least okay


Thank you very much! Yeah the game has not been rushed which is part of the reason for the long delays (and other factors).  Things have been more optimistic lately!


The color pallete and graphics make me feel good!