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I thought I would die in the cold. But the message was right. Underneath this frozen wasteland, lays an abandoned city. Alone in this dark place, a temporary shelter was all I could hope for. Dying here at least would severe the constant anticipation. But what I found in this place was much worse than life or death.


Kryopolis is a Survival Horror game in which inventory management and navigation is imperative. Discover the hidden secrets of this dark city.

Game in less than a month for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018. Consider this a a small vertical slice.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
TagsCreepy, Horror, Surreal, Survival Horror


Kryopolis Contest Build 39 MB

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Interesting concept game. Graphics are pretty cool, too. Maybe mechanic need more development. Wanna see more.


SKIP TO 10:32!!!


Heyo, I know I may be a bit late but I couldn't pass up this game and I made a video over me playing it for the first time. This game was amazing and you did such an incredible job with this game. The art style and the sounds really cements the feeling of horror. I may have misread some over the story when explaining the game and if I did I apologize. Anyway you did a great job on this and I look forward to playing an extended version if you ever continue it.


This oozes atmosphere! It's exactly the kind of entry I didn't know I was looking for! The way you've played with light and colour palettes is fantastic, although the sheer amount of green did make me think of the Game Boy on more than one occassion! :P

gifs galore!