Calling all horror survivors!

Kryopolis has gotten over 1100 downloads across all platforms, and is in the judge's top 10! Multiple Let's Plays have been done and I watched a twitch stream of it last night by Nicob. Which is great! I'm thankful for all the kind comments and good feedback people have given.

However I would also like to extend an email for anyone interested in the Survival Horror genre, I'd like to ask some questions about your thoughts on games like this. It's not quite a survey but more like a 1 on 1 correspondence interview to get an idea of peoples thoughts. This isn't even related to Kryopolis per say! If you're interested, please send an email at:

Thanks to all that played the game and anyone who's interested!

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I have sent you an email, if you could give it a look, That would be amazing. Thank you for your time and such an amazing game.