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Viewing your telescope you see an odd object falling from the sun. The scanners flare up that it's not a meteorite but rather... something artificial. But no human space activity has happened for hundreds of years, what could it be?

This is a simple game I made based on a cover design by Devine Lu Linvega. A lot of the design and sensibilities is inspired by manga such as Blame! or short films like Junkhead. The game is planned to be quite short with a simple puzzle mechanic explored upon. There isn't much of a story but the game is without any sort of dialogue. It's a game where you're meant to take it for what it is.

Made in a month for AGBIC (A Game By Its Cover) 2018. I'm unlikely able to finish the game by the end of the jam but I will likely throw out a small demo.

No download available yet.

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Will you someday release this beauty?

Yeah sorry for the late reply, I plan to get back at it some time in the winter when I have time. I think the art side of things took a lot of time and doing a one month project burnt me out with how much art I had to do. I can't bare to release it in its very tiny state when I think it has potential.


The visual arts is plain amazing