A downloadable game for Windows

You are a hero on a quest to defeat the mighty Lordeth Darketh in order to prevent the calamity. Washed ashore after several ventures, you have one last chance to power up the Ultimatum Blade and save the world!

The state of the project is that there's no way to save or load, there is a retry battle option but that's about it. Missing a lot of sound effects. The gameplay is very bare bones, so don't expect too much, but the cutscenes and story are playable to the end.

Gestalt version added:
-Can now use items in battle
-Can now revive and characters have death sprites
-Actual sound effects
-New enemies (just more slimes)
-Game over retry is fixed

Art, Story and Code by Choinheap (Shweep)

Music by Cowberry16
Editing provided by Henchum

Keyboard Controls: 

Z to act, 
X to menu, 
C to jump
A to check HP in battle

debug: spacebar to reset battle

Controller (not tested)

Dpad to Move
(X) Bottom Button - Act
(O) Right Button - Cancel/Menu
(□)Left Button - Jump

Install instructions

There's a cheat in case it crashes: Shift+L (adds all the characters and completes their story events). Spacebar to reset battle if you're soft locked. 


isavedtheworldGestalt.zip 60 MB

Development log


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Well. that was an interesting experience.

Love the name, lol. Looking forward to reading the devlogs for this. Blown away over how quickly you were able to put this together. Definitely keeping my eyes peeled on Godot.

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I was absolutely floored by this game. Such great ideas, such perfect execution. Having Schippiedues as a party member?! What an incredible piece of work to complete in only a month. 10/10 [Praise] [Praise] [Praise] 

This has to be the most bizarre name I've ever heard for a computer game! Awesome! :D