A downloadable game for Windows

Bare minimum game. Bugs galore and ending not quite done. Too braindead to write a story synopsis atm. Something something majora's mask mixed with a dating sim mixed with a third person shooter.

WASD to move, mouse to look, right click to to go into aiming mode, shift to switch to gigantimus.

Made in a month for the Robot Party Jam 2022 https://itch.io/jam/robot-party-jam-2022


Gigantimus ZX 1.1 65 MB
Gigantimus ZX 1.0 (Game Jam Deadline Release) 97 MB

Install instructions

unzip click exe

WASD to move, mouse to look, right click to to go into aiming mode, left click in aiming mode to shoot, shift to switch


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SO YEAH, JUST FINISHED IT! WOW i liked it. the relationship drama was interesting and the time loopyness makes the to be continued even more curiousity enducing. I think humans an robots should be able to date , tho it will always be a challenge haha


Glad to know the story was understandable, it relies on a prior context that was brainstormed in a stream. Thanks for playing! 

u welcome! I think we got enough context just for looking at the concept and rules for the jam. not to mention that most storys dont need complete context to be understood. most story's dont or at least dont need to begin at the earliest chronological place U.U

so this comes up when i try to start? the music starts up and i get a start screen but thats it. i love ur games and cant wait to actually try this. hope ur doing okay. i hope im not dump and its something i did that broke the game lol


Yeah found a fix for it, great error to have happen 30 minutes before the game jam. But download should work now.

actually scratch that looks like a different error???

YAY! thankies. i think i'll stream it today lol

fixed... hopefully.