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Imagine a pure untainted place, leave your default boring life behind and immerse yourself in a world with endless possibilities and without worries. 

This is a simple bug catching game that was meant to be 4 separate mini-games acting as a nod to the short lived y2k aesthetic in the late 90s/early 2000s with a style modeled after a hypothetical low budget PS2/Dreamcast game you might find in the bargain bin. It was made for the A Game By Its Cover Jam 2021 though the deadline was a month, we really spent an actual week on this due to life constraints.

Cover that was used for inspiration:


Hold Left Mouse Button to aim
Rotate Mouse Left or Right to change direction
Release LMB to swing
Tab for Bug Collection
Left Shift to Run
Take a deep breath to relax

-The goal is to collect all the bugs
-Night time content is sadly missing and we didn't have time to add more bugs (the actual good kind of bugs)
-Options might be added later, but the game is forced windowed


Shweep: Programming/Art
Cowberry: Sound/Music
NAT KING: Cover Art Design
Shodan(cat): Emotional support

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsShweep, Cowberry
Tags3D, Forest, Relaxing

Install instructions

Unzip it, click exe.


escapeNS.zip 41 MB

Development log


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really wish mac could download it  :')

great combination of almost every element. Loved it! (and even a great start menu :) )

loved your game! The late 90s aesthetic and sound are really convincing especially the ui stuff : )
I've also been working on a fps bug catching game for the last year and seeing the completely different approach you guys took truly gave me some insight and inspiration!

art direction on this is so good!!

Show post...

nice arcade


oh shit- if you sprint up the hill you can fall off

oh dear, guess that's what happens when I test sprinting zero times. D:

oh nw! but other then that, the game was amazing! maybe some more funiture or maybe you can use the bugs for something. maybe for a bigger net? 


Really liked the aesthetics of this one! (Gamer Tip: Scroll mousewheel to look at the different bugs in the inventory, that took me a while to figure out)


The sense of relief I had when I nabbed my first Blue Dasher - priceless!!!! So fun and cute. The collection menu is such a cool bonus.