A downloadable game for Windows

Rough build of a game called Echo Gunner. Made for https://itch.io/jam/robot-party-jam-2023 (and for context)

2 finished levels, 3rd level is incomplete but does have music and some placeholder text for you to imagine the rest of the game with.

Shop system and abilities not implemented.

Score system doesn't update rank, just shows tallies (and tallies probably carry over)

WASD / Arrow Keys = Move

Mouse = Aim 
Left Mouse = Shoot
Space = Dodge
1 = Echo Locate 


Coding / Art / Design / Writing by Shweep (Alexandre Choiniere)
Original Music by Cowberry (Delaney Caldwell)
(Some textures pulled from textures.org and car model by GGBotNet) 
Some shaders by arlez80


echoGunnerJamEdition 90 MB

Install instructions

Worst case scenario is shift R to reset your position or shift m to go to map